General Information

What should I expect to experience at a biometric wellness screening?

During a biometric wellness screening, a trained examiner provided by Quest Diagnostics Health & Wellness will collect a number of measurements, including height, weight, blood pressure, waist and/or hip circumference as well as a small blood specimen. A screening is typically completed in just 10-15 minutes. The valuable information collected during the screening is used to identify health risks, and these are reported back to you in a personal report that helps you understand them so you can take action to improve your health and wellbeing. Your wellness screening is provided by Quest Diagnostics Health & Wellness. We are a leading provider of worksite wellness screening and health improvement programs. Quest Diagnostics is the nation’s leading laboratory and health information provider.

Why should I participate?

Awareness is the first step in maintaining and monitoring your health. Wellness screenings provide first-time and repeat participants the opportunity to get a quick and easy “snapshot” of their health. Biometric wellness screenings are a critical part of your wellness program, designed to help improve your understanding of your health using the biometric and clinical data they provide. More specifically, your biometric wellness screening:

  • Can help you understand your health from the inside out and provide insights to risks and strengths that are helpful to know about
  • Can help you find out what you are doing well
  • Can help you make the most out of your time by focusing your efforts on the behaviors that you can change to most improve your health
  • Can help you work with your physician to take charge of your health
  • Is free of charge

Registration and Scheduling

How can I sign up to complete my biometric wellness screening?

You have two easy scheduling options at My.QuestForHealth.com:

  • Schedule an appointment to attend an onsite event
  • Schedule an appointment at a convenient Quest Diagnostics Patient Service Center

For scheduling questions, contact the Participant Service Center at 1.855.623.9355 (1.855.6.BE.WELL) or by using this form. Your employer will communicate specific details on how and when to sign up. Once you have that information, signing up is easy. Just use the registration link provided by your employer. First-time participants will need to register using the Registration Key and Unique ID (Spouse/Domestic Partner may require a separate Unique ID, if applicable) provided by your employer. Once you have that information, registration is easy.

What if I’m a new user, how do I log in for the first time?

For standard login you must use the “Register now” link in the yellow “Not Registered Yet” box. You will be required to provide a Registration Key and Unique ID along with basic personal information and create a username/password combination specific to you. (For Registration Key and Unique ID, see employer-specific information listed above.) If your employer has mentioned using single sign on for access to screen, you may need to contact your HR representative for the appropriate website.

What does “Registration Key was not found” mean when trying to create a new account?

This message indicates that the Registration Key you entered does not match our records. Please check your employer’s communications to confirm the correct Registration Key and spelling. Registration Keys are not case sensitive.

What does “Program does not allow open enrollment” mean when trying to create a new account?

This message indicates that your Unique ID/Date of Birth combination does not match a record in our system. Please review and verify your information and select “Submit” again. If you continue to receive this message, please contact your employer’s program administrator to confirm you are eligible to participate.

What does “Your program is not available for registration” mean when trying to create a new account?

This message indicates that your current program has not opened for registration yet. Please check your employer’s communications to confirm the date on which registration will be open for your program.

What if I’ve forgotten my username and/or password?

There are separate links available for retrieving your username and resetting your password.

If you select the Forgot your username link, you will need to provide the email address associated with your account and your date of birth. As long as the email address/date of birth combination provided matches what is on file, you will receive an email with your username.

If you select the Forgot your password link, you will need to provide your username and date of birth. As long as the username/date of birth combination provided matches what is on file, you will receive an email with a link to reset your password.

How do I unlock my account?

Accounts can only be unlocked by calling the Participant Service Center at 1.855.623.9355 (1.855.6.BE.WELL).

Screening Information

If I participate in the health screening, will it be billed to my health insurance?

No, this is a biometric wellness screening sponsored by your company.

What is involved in the “biometric wellness screening”?

The process takes about 15 minutes from the point of check-in to completion. The screening includes a blood draw for many different blood tests; this blood draw can be from your arm (venipuncture) or from a fingerstick and is dependent on the panel your employer selected. Lipid and glucose tests include a blood draw for HDL “Good” Cholesterol, LDL “Bad” Cholesterol, non-HDL, Total Cholesterol, Triglycerides and Glucose. You may also have biometric measurements taken.

What can I expect to experience at a Quest Diagnostics Patient Service Center?

Participants will have their blood pressure, height and weight measured. The examiner will obtain a specimen through a venous blood draw (blood taken through the vein). The process usually takes 10-15 minutes. If you scheduled an appointment at the Patient Service Center (online or by phone), your appointment will be prioritized over any other walk-ins arriving at the Patient Service Center. As a walk-in without an appointment at a Quest Diagnostics Patient Service Center, you may experience a waiting period before being seen by the examiner.

What are biometric measurements?

Biometric measurements refer to height, weight, body mass index (BMI), blood pressure, waist and/or hip circumference.

What is BMI (Body Mass Index)?

Studies have demonstrated that BMI is the reliable measure of one’s appropriate weight based on height, although it may not always be a perfect measure. Use of BMI is endorsed by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) explain that “BMI provides a reliable indicator of body fatness for most people and is used to screen for weight categories that may lead to health problems.” BMI is defined as an individual's body mass (weight) divided by the square of his or her height.

How is Waist Circumference measured?

The waist circumference process will be done in a private area either onsite or at a Quest Diagnostics Patient Service Center. The measurement will be taken above the first layer of clothing. The participant will hold the zero end of the tape measure on the abdomen just above hip bone (belly button). The participant will turn around, or the phlebotomist will walk around participant.

  • The tape should be snug, but should not compress the skin
  • The tape must be parallel to the floor, e.g. at the same level all the way around
  • The participant should relax and exhale
  • The waist measurement will be reported in whole units—inches

Do I need to fast before screening?

Your employer will communicate to you if your program is a fasting or non-fasting screening. If it is a fasting program, you will need to fast for 9-12 hours prior to the blood collection for accurate results. You should take any regularly scheduled medications as usual. Drinking plenty of water is recommended during the fasting period. If you are participating in a screening that does not require you to fast, this means you are free to eat before your screening.

Results and Reporting

Are my results confidential?

Yes. Quest Diagnostics and your employer value and understand that your privacy is very important and we have put many steps in place to assure confidentiality. All information obtained from your wellness screening experience is Protected Health Information (PHI) and is secured in accordance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Your employer will not have access to individual results.

How do I get my results?

If you registered online and provided an email address, you will receive an email when your results are available to view online shortly after your screening. Simply enter your user name and password that you created when registering for an appointment. If you did not register for an appointment, click the register now link in the green box or if you forgot your username or password follow the forgot password and/or username links. If your employer has selected, you will receive a confidential, personalized, multi-page report providing current health status and individual risk factors in the mail within two to three weeks of your blood draw.

What should I do with my results after I receive them?

Review your wellness report and then share it, along with any questions you may have, with your physician during your next visit.

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